Why Wonderkidz?

Wonder Kidz is modern, contemporarily styled daycare, playschool, nursery and children’s activity club with a highly systemized and scientific approach to Early childhood education.

Between the tender ages of 2 to 6 years a child’s mind gathers information, image and perceptions at a rate unimaginable to an adult mind. This is the most crucial stage that lays the foundation to every child’s devilment.

It is a this impressionable age that we at Wonder Kidz pride ourselves on imparting the perfect mix of training using play-ways, books and audio-visual aids to foster the all-round development of children.

Our triad of objective revolves around inspiring Thought, initiating Action and instilling Grooming.

In Thoughts, we facilitate and nurture a child to grow into a curious, intellectual and creative thinker, a logical reasoner and an active, confident young person of tomorrow. In Action, we provide activities that are meticulously planned for the development of a child’s motor skills like strength, endurance, flexibility, co-ordination and balance. In Grooming, we help instill into a child the invaluable qualities of respect, obedience, fairness, honesty and etiquette so as to ultimately be a respected and well-liked member of society.