How to manage initial days when child is crying & not ready to come to school.

One known person has to accompany the child for initial days to give security of new place & people. Parents will get proper guideline for preparing the child for schooling.

Do you have transport facility?

We do have van facility for different routes.

What is the age criteria for the admission?

  • Playgroup – 1 year 7 months & above
  • Nursery – Should complete 2.4 by 1st June
  • LKG – should complete 3.4 by 1st June
  • UKG - should complete 4.4 by 1st June

Why uniform ?

Uniform helps to develop discipline, sameness.

How is the process of settlement?

This is the 1st social experience of the child, which should be very positive so we give guideline to the parent to prepare the children for schooling the most important is parent have to accompany the child in the school in his settlement period which gives security to the child.