Activity Center

Children need children, to play together to explore. To discover. To grow in the company of each other. For three evenings a week, Wonder Kidz provides your children just such an opportunity to have fun, to play, and learn in an environment that a cheerful, joyous and stimulating. These are invaluable hours in grooming and development that might otherwise be frittered away before a TV screen. The Wonder Kidz Activty Club is the only one of its kind in the entire PCMC area catering to children between the age group of 2 to 6 years.

It’s an innovative and creative club and play center that channelizes your child’s energy to facilitate all-round development of all the senses-observing, asking, learning, doing.

The Wonder kidz Activity Club provides a rich, exciting, supportive and vibrant environment for your child to grow and to bloom.

In a happy and relaxed atmosphere, your child is exposed to the wonders of drama, music and movement, science, maths, literature and language skills. Creative art, creative writing, communication and speech are talents fostered in innovative ways to ensure that they become fun activities that every child enjoys.

Also included are structural activities, freeplay, painting, art and craft, poems, stories, picture talk, object talk and all else that helps a curious young mind on its journey of discovery and growth.